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Tips on how to Cope Up with Climate Change

Tips on how to Cope Up with Climate Change

by Cara Angela Obas

Climate change occurs when there is a change of weather system in Earth that result to new patterns of weather. According to Australian Academy of Science, climate change maybe due to a natural process, such as changes in sun’s radiation, volcanoes or due to human influences such as changes in the composition of atmosphere and land use.

Consequently, Australian Academy of Science also stated that climate change can originate both two ways: internal fluctuations and external fluctuations. Internal fluctuation is when there is an exchange of water, carbon and energy between the ocean, land, ice and atmosphere. However, external fluctuation is the effects of volcanic eruptions and the energy received from the sun.

On the other hand, human also influences the climate change by changing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and concentration of CO2.

By shifting of climate, does this affect t our community in any way possible? Yes, some areas will get a little bit cooler for a while, other parts of the planet will get drier as well and others will get more precipitation in more extreme events. Climate change may also affect our heath such as, a new study found that higher temperature and ozone may act together to worsen heart health, study also shows that allergies are on the rise which can be due to rising of carbon dioxide levels and warming of temperature and an increase in heat and rainfall in some areas brought by climate change can possibly allow the spread of certain diseases into new areas.

To avoid unnecessary dilemmas in the community and to help our well-being, here are some tips on how to cope up with climate change:

  1. Stay hydrated

  • Water is really important in our body but during climate change lots of stress in our body occurs as the temperature changes from cold outside to hot inside then it is even more important to at least drink 8 glasses of water each day.

  1. Prevent body odour to occur

  • Sweat and body odour are arise during summer since it is harder for our sweat to evaporate that is why you should also consider wearing lose clothes in natural materials like cotton or linen, avoid nylon.

  1. Steam yourself

  • Coughs and lung problems are arise during dry weather which in fact people would be prone on that which can problem to them if worsen. To relieve coughs, consider yourself tp have regular hot baths or steam inhalations.

  1. Always use sunscreen

  • When deciding to go outside, especially summer, do not forget to use sunscreen. Sudden exposure to sunlight puts the skin under stress. To avoid them, putting on sunscreen should also be concluded on the list of your daily health regimen.

Do not let the enigmatic shift of climate affect us. Let us help maintain cleanliness in our environment. Let us be our own shield away from diseases. Hand in hand, let us fight for this cause.

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