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Tips on having a Healthy Love Month

Tips on having a Healthy Love Month

by Cara Angela Obas, College of Nursing

Hara sa FU 2019, 1st Runner-up

Spending Valentine’s Day with your loved ones is one of the traditions that we never miss. And along with giving of chocolates, flowers, and cards which are commonly given to the special people in our lives whom we care and love the most. But the most important thing a person can give is time. .Spending time and creating memories with our loved ones are more valuable and precious..
But do we really care about what we eat during Valentine’s Day?

Tips on having a healthy Valentine’s Day:

You can actually give chocolates to the person that you really like, but instead of giving big portions, try keeping it small. Dark chocolates never gets out of the way. Study shows that dark chocolates can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease.

If you cannot get any dark chocolates, you can give simple cards and handwritten letters. Traditional way will always have an impact to a girl’s heart..

If you are on a date, you can consider ordering salads and avoid high carb and high caloric meal..

Consider purchasing a box of fruits and non-sugary foods that are available at your local brand stores. A bouquet of flowers is also a good substitute for gifts..

If you want to save money or your partner is on a diet, find an easy low caloric meal that you can cook at home and have a candlelight dinner. Probably, you can also choose good romantic movies and eat some healthy dessert while enjoying the rest of the night.

Valentine’s Day is not just about giving chocolates, flowers and cards but a day to remember for us to share the love and spend it with the most special person in your life and be grateful for the love that is given to us.




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