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The Truth Beyond Love

The Truth Beyond Love

by: Niña Amato


Being in love is the most splendid feeling that a person could ever imagine. Having someone to share everything with, may it be in the happiest or in the saddest of moments, someone who can manage to understand everything about you, someone who doesn’t judge nor underestimate your choices.


It takes someone to understand how hard it is to live with life’s challenges and imperfections and love is the only thing that made things fall into the right place.


The beginning of true love, the falling in love part that gives us this feeling of having butterflies in our stomachs or even a random smile in our faces which indicates happiness is indeed amazing. That awesome feeling of being inspired everyday despite the hardships that we’ve been encountering is quite fulfilling.


When things go wrong, love is the only thing that seems so right. It is indeed very powerful as it has capacity to build confidence within everyone’s heart that no matter how hard things are going, we will never be alone because we are in love.


The dull moments become colorful and the sad ones become cheerful, and as it continually grows, we became very sure that we will have someone to take life’s adventures with, to enjoy life’s greatest gift with, and to share our deepest and darkest secrets in life. We also became assured that with love we can bring out the best within us.
With all these things, life is worth living as it has love to offer. The love for our families, friends and special someone is worth everything in this world.

I would like to encourage all of you to continue falling in love because when there is love, there is happiness, and above all, with love, everything is fantastically possible.

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