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The FIRE within Me

The FIRE within Me

by: Niña Amato

In life, we may encounter lots of heart-rending circumstances that may hinder our dreams from coming true, those dreams become slowly blurred by the blunt reality that life offers real-time adversities that people should conquer in order to attain success.

In my case as a student assistant, balancing both studies and the work being assigned in a specific office in the University is quite hard. I need to work while maintaining my grades in a good state; I need to sacrifice time for my studies to continually earn the work scholarship which will cover my tuition fees.
Running various errands from time to time is quite challenging because I’m afraid that I may fail to accomplish what my superiors wanted me to do. Above all, adjustment is a serious matter. Sleeping late for academic projects, assignments and tasks and waking up early to attend school is a big challenge for me. I need to think of both as equally-important.

The idea of balancing my time is somewhat stressful but as time pass by I realized that this is my life and all of these struggles are just spices to test whether I am strong enough or not. Slowly I managed to enjoy everything I do and managed to put a smile on my face whenever I need to accomplish things both for work and school.

I started to infuse love in all my tasks and found real enjoyment in doing so. Keeping the FIRE burning within me is what makes me a better person in my unceasing endeavor to reach my goal of becoming a successful person someday.

In everything we strive to do, one must keep in mind that those things do not hamper our persistence in achieving our dreams, and in order for that to happen one must build FIRE within.

F for Faith. For we must always have faith in God in whatever situation we are in because keeping faith will serve as our strength in doing things with a purpose.

I for Inspiration. Everyday, we may feel that with all those troubles that we are experiencing, giving up is the only option that’s left. But no, life offers a lot of things that may serve as inspiration to keep going and keep living. You must find an inspiration to pursue your goals because by the time that you find one, you may find life more interesting.

R for Responsibility. Each one of us should take responsibility in everything that we do because this would mean attaining maturity. If we are mature enough then we can be the captain of our own lives. We can lead ourselves to better choices which will soon result to success. And once we have attained success, life can be fulfilling.

E for Enthusiasm. Lastly, in our continuous journey in life, we may fall and be faced with a great trial. Yet if we develop within the value of enthusiasm and eagerness, we can always find enough strength to stand tall and reach our goal.

Thus, each one of us should build that FIRE within us to keep us all warm, because when there is warmth, there is LIFE.

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