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Teenage Pregnancy Outburst

Teenage Pregnancy Outburst

by Kate Daitano

“While teenage pregnancy rates in most countries are declining, the numbers are rising in the Philippines. According to reports, about 500 Filipino teenagers become mothers every year.” (Aljazeera, 2018)

Early pregnancy is one of the societal issues that is vastly increasing especially in our country. Factors affecting this upshot can be poverty, drug and alcohol use, lack of education, peer pressure, and poor family relationship. In fact, it is already considered as a national nightmare.

Senate Bill 1888, proposed by Senator Risa Hontiveros, also known as “The Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Act” surely is a great measure of our national government for policies to prevent teenage pregnancies and other programs that gives protection for young parents. But what about the Department of Health’s (DOH) giving out of condoms to schools in the Philippines?

According to DOH, distribution of condoms to students is a strategy that would help prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases. But in contrary, many schools are rejecting this movement.

Coming from my perspective, as a student and as a spiritual person, I strongly disagree to the distribution of condoms to schools. Instead of discouraging the youth not to engage in premarital sex, by giving out condoms, it seems that we are giving the wrong signal to students that it is alright to do it as long as you are protected.

The lavish number of teenage pregnancy is truly alarming. The government is doing their very best in finding greater measures. The key of having success amidst the chaos is when both parties are balanced. In this case, I mean to say that the people and the government should be partners and work together in unraveling the aftermath of the youth’s irresponsibility.

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