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“Technological Advancement: Is it Beneficial or Harmful?”

“Technological Advancement: Is it Beneficial or Harmful?”

By Joel D. Eumague Jr.

In this new era of civilization, many humans have brought changes and innovations that open doors for a new and fruitful beginning of fresh knowledge which slowly conquer the world. Many inventors and innovators have invested their time and expertise in introducing superbly reliable and advanced high-technology products and inventions that will help renew the world. These inventions have gained popularity among young citizens the world over.

Technological Advancements have played a vital role in the world economy today and it has left a notion that life is almost impossible without. Since, it has brought convenience to our lives and its use has been part of today’s lifestyle. With the manifestation of technological advancement nowadays, even teaching has been infiltrated with the trend and its usage has been proven to be effective in assisting mentors in achieving the goal of letting their students understand in a quick manner. Of course, this is being done with the aid of state-of-the-art gadgets and innovations without spending time and effort.

Somehow, these things changed the world as well as the lifestyle of people. The interaction between nature and living things, and the attitude of human towards its creator is almost declining due to the said inventions. As a human with vast intellectual mind, what would be your stand with regards to Technological Advancement: is it Beneficial or Harmful?

It is beneficial if it motivates individuals to learn fast and do work in a more convenient way without exerting too much energy and effort. It may be the effective way of making work done before its dreaded due. Technology helps mass production in the industries for example, canned goods, fabrics, pencils and etc. It can also make possible automated service which will not involve an actual employee. Technology creates mechanisms that can easily execute work without human supervision.

In truth, what technology gives to its users is pleasure through its boundless provision of new ideas and knowledge which can be discovered and to be learned with just one click. In the case of academic institutions, students use technology for their academic endeavors to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. It also serves as an avenue self-expression. Talents can also be enhanced with the use of technology. With the right use, one can be assured that talent can be further developed in such a way, that it can also become a means of expression for the learners.

Google made history as one of the most useful websites powered by the internet which can be used for research, discovery of thoughts and photo viewing. It is now easy to learn about varied topics without the use of books, dictionary and encyclopedias. Facebook, on the other hand, makes it easy and possible to meet new friends around the globe while Youtube, enables one to simultaneously watch great and funny videos. Yet, technology truly proves that there is a God who created curious minds which enabled humans to craft new inventions and later, introduce these things to the world.

But, Technological Advancements have harmful results. In fact, it almost made citizens to become lazy by avoiding to do work with their bare hands and they now dread of excreting a single drop sweat or even a small amount of energy. Many students rely on technologies thus foregoing the use of innate talent and have resorted to spending most of their time surfing and playing games on a certain application rather than studying lessons very well. Some never learn how to do simple things and in the end, they are left with no concrete knowledge in their mind.

What would be the use of our body’s main parts if we don’t work on our own? Technology is the main reason that our connection with Almighty Creator is slowly deteriorating due to ungodly things like pornographic materials which can influence, in a bad manner, the minds of its viewers and may lead them to commit human frailties.

Furthermore, gadgets give-off harmful radiation that could damage cells especially with humans, it can cause cataract, cancer and tumor. Technology may also affect the culture and traditions of each society. Due to the proliferation of advanced technology, individuals may forget what their ancestors did long ago and can also break the ties that connect them with their respective families.

As young citizens, we should balance the use of Advanced Technology in an appropriate way and that our Creator will also be happy in the manner of its usage. It is known that Technological Advancement has its pros and cons, but we must all bear in mind that beneficial or not, we must encourage everyone to be neutral enough to use technology in a rightful and efficient usage. With technology to aid in bringing-out talents and innovations that we can possible do to that is we, and not just technology who can bring the greatest things to effect change for the future of our nation.

Even if we are in this modern era, we must never forget our family ties. We must find more time to spend with our families and treasure the days together because “Time is not constant, it passes by and never last and wasted time would never be found again.” So, take your time, spend all your power in goodness and be the change.

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