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Teachers—the glimpse of the unseen

Teachers—the glimpse of the unseen

by Niña Mae Amato

To the mentors who help students hone and recognize their skills and abilities in different viewpoints, for those who give encouraging words as they tend to advise students, for those who sacrifice because they want their students to learn not just primary reading, writing, and arithmetic skills taught in schools, for those whose personal time are consumed regularly in institutions to learn and educate students on how to become more responsible and accountable citizens in this country; all these acts deserve to be esteemed, celebrated, valued and appreciated. For their positive influence on Filipino learners; for inculcating in the minds and hearts of children the values that they need to uphold in achieving the goals in life; indeed, even a million appreciation cannot repay their sacrifices just to pave the way for the country to produce global-minded citizens, nurturing families, strengthening communities and nation-builders.

Furthermore, the fact that students learn to become successful with their undying help and love for knowledge, it deserves a distinguished recognition for they did this out of mission and vocation not because it is their job; tasks for other people is tough especially in the absence of dedication, commitment, and passion, but for them this is attainable because they have within themselves the devotion that others don’t possess; teaching has become their strength in order to change the lives of youths in many generations, to nurture every individual who lacks necessary preparations to live life to the fullest and achieve their greatest dreams. This commitment has become the main ingredient for the multitudes of successes around the world. Seeing people succeed because of their passion is just one of the things that keep them going.

Sometimes, they don’t even think that they had made a difference in their students’ lives because they are just doing everything for the good of everyone, they even are short of time for themselves, their happiness, and those concerning their private lives. If teachers can become superheroes who carry hammers, run in a flash, stick webs out of their hands, they would wish for it just to give their students the education that they deserve; if absorbing words, sentences, grammar rules, mathematical formulas, scientific elements, historical events, astronomical phenomenon, and the like that would lead them to teach what their students should learn for them to be successful and to find inspiration in learning amidst all difficulties, then they would apparently do it for them.

With these striking truths emphasizing the things that teachers undertake to carry out the best in their profession and for the farewell of every individual, it is undeniably true that teachers are a glimpse of inspiration, to lighten every situation.

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