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Opening the Communication Channels

Opening the Communication Channels

Foundation University, through the Office of Student Life, recently launched the annual physical examination as one of the essential steps in the enrollment process starting this second semester.


During the enrollment period of the second semester, students had their queries on the implementation of the annual physical examination.


At the back of this implementation is the aim not only to build a healthy campus life but also to assist in the promotion of learners’ well-being towards the achievement of career goals.


Though this sparked some reactions from students, the main goal of the physical examination was mainly for the welfare of the students with the added objectives: early detection of diseases/illnesses whether non-communicable or communicable in nature; appropriate and applicable treatment and activities for the child and lastly, allow further assessment and medical/dental assistance or referral.


This said move was based on recent research outcomes which concluded that healthy learners are more likely to learn effectively than those who are facing health problems.


Foundation University, through the Office of Student Life and the University Health Services Unit, aims to address the changing health patterns and various health needs of the students through the routine health and physical examinations.


Meanwhile, to clear things up and to explain the objectives of the said program and other essential topics related to student life, the Office of Student Life held the Student Assembly which was actively participated by the colleges and units last November 7.

On the holding of the assembly, it is essential to open the communication lines between the administration through the Office of Student Life and the student body. This open communication enables the students to express their queries and opinions and on the other hand, for the administration to explain further their side on why such programs are implemented.


After all, this open communication further encourages both parties to develop a healthy relationship and support each other towards the goal of protecting and upholding the welfare of the whole academic community of Foundation University.

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