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Promoting FU’s Brand of Education

Promoting FU’s Brand of Education

During a workshop conducted for students, faculty and staff who will be joining the said annual endeavor, the speaker asked the audience, “What is Foundation University’s brand?” That question triggered the minds of those who participated in the workshop.


It was indeed a fitting question to realize what are the University’s strengths aside from what is called the Program on Uncompromising Personalized Attention (PUPA).


Indeed, “What is Foundation University’s brand of education?”


One thing that the campaign team should put in mind is that the University recruits enrollees not just to increase its student populace but it is more of drawing more learners to avail of an education that is unique from what others offer, especially in this university town.


The campaign’s goal is to invite more students to get hold of education that is more of practical work and hands-on type instead of dwelling more on loads of readings and theories. At FU, the goal of education is to mold students to become work-ready or independent-minded persons once they leave the pillars of the institution.


Hence, campaigning for FU and eventually educating more people in the University is more likely to prepare for the future of the nation by its means of education as a school of today, in preparation for the future through the introduction of technology and innovations among the learners.


More so, encouraging students to avail of Foundation University’s education does not only mean for the future but it also recognizes the importance of the past as it inculcates the promotion culture and arts of the Filipino. By cultivating this aspect, the University does not only produce technologically-adept but also culturally-conscious individuals who possess love for country and its people.


After all, every university’s goal is to produce graduates and students who are willing to serve and to share their expertise for the welfare of the whole country. And what the University considers can be proud of are the Foundationites who are actively participating in nation-building.

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