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My ‘Lutas’ Experience

My ‘Lutas’ Experience


   by Marco Simpao


A community of storytellers that learns from each other to tell stories better” is the description I can give for Lutas – Negros Oriental’s Film Festival, the annual event which provides filmmakers an environment to see the vast community of people who are in the said craft and share the same passion for film.


One part of the event was the screening of films from “Binisiya,” a Cebu-based film festival. The films shown helped me acquire a perspective of the independent film industry also known as “indie” films produced here in the country and it has given me more inspiration to create my own short film.


Lutas became the means for me to showcase my film to the public and with esteemed critics from the film industry.


Our minds are movie-making machines. Little scenarios play in the mind once in a while. As a film maker, what needs to be done is to materialize that little scenario. With the experience of filmmaking, it is quite flattering to see that little scenario come alive. But it is more fulfilling to see that the film you created invades the minds of the audience.


The festival itself was a learning experience. From the films I’ve seen, to the workshops and comments from film enthusiasts, I’ve learned a lot. The mentors from the film industry gave me new insights on film production, directing and the most essential aspect of storytelling.



(Marco Simpao, a freshman student of the AB Broadcast Communication program of Foundation University, won as Best Director for Lutas Film Festival 2018 with his film, “Dula.” The film also won Best Screenplay.)

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