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My Love

My Love

By: C-Jae Faustorilla


My eyes had long fell for the moon above,
But I saw you walking towards me I know it was love.
I know you are not mine to be,
Yet, you still lit up the darkness around me.


I may not be your Superman,
But in millions of faces, you are my number one.
You are my starlight,
In heavens, you are my only wish at night.


I knew that fate would forbid,
I don’t know where this would lead.
Destiny won’t allow and the universe might conspire too,
But I know my way and it is the path that leads to you.


I don’t care about the pain,
Even the rejection that I might gain.
My heart might have gone broken, bruised and blue,
It was shattered but each piece still beats for you.


I can’t run away,
My love for you will always stay.
No matter how hard it is, No matter how long it will take
But all I want you to know,


In time you’ll be in shock
As I bend my knees on the floor,
Saying, “Te Amo, Mi amor.
You’re the only one I adore.”


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