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My First Month at FoundationU

My First Month at FoundationU

by Dainielle Bianzon


Foundation University—prominently called as Foundation or FU, is a private educational institution in the City of Dumaguete that provides quality education and guides the students appropriately in their learning.


As a freshman in this university, one of the common things that I carried before entering the gates were pure expectations of what I will experience and stumble upon throughout my college journey here at Foundation University.


I chose to become a part of this institution for the reason that I was expecting a lot of great opportunities that can mold me to be a great individual and enhance the inadequate skills that I possess.


Having heard a lot of narratives about various aspects pertaining to this institution such as how Foundationites are approachable and understanding to the newly comers and how members of the faculty and staff direct and guide their students Also, I was excited at how skills development and enhancements do organizations at Foundation University implement.


And normally for students, I would await for the recreational programs that can provide us amusements to refresh youthful strengths from all the pressures of academic work.


Coming from a different environment, culture and dialect plus the fact that I do not have a friend or relative here in the city, I was certain that I will definitely go through the state of blunder on my first few days inside the campus. To tell you the truth, it has been a struggle— from approaching people to analyzing the words being uttered, going to places and how will I respond to them.


But that did not last for a long time because I have met people who understood my situation and made some efforts for me to adapt their culture. It’s been a month since I started to enwrap myself to this new institution and since the beginning, I was pleased and I definitely enjoyed my first month inside the campus despite the troubled start.


Looking forward for what way can Foundation University lift us to be able to reach what we aim. It has been a great first-month experience!

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