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Hara 2019: Thoughts for the Year Ahead

Hara 2019: Thoughts for the Year Ahead

by Jelly Candia, Hara sa FU 2019


Academic year 2019-2020 has started. I’ve seen new faces, both freshmen and transferees who looked delighted to be at FU in their first day of school.


Weeks ago, Foundation University marked its 70th year and the celebration runs until December during the Kasadyaan Festival.


I’ve witnessed this school achieve so many accomplishments over the years, and how it has helped the environment in its own ways. I believe my school still got lots of plans to improve its facilities while promoting an eco-friendly environment.


As the reigning Hara, I am hoping for the school to continue its legacy in helping the Banica River, which inspired me to choose this as my advocacy as well.


I also hope that I get the university’s support as I make my plans to help clean Banica River. My experience in the past school year taught me very well how to trust in my capabilities, and to trust in the support of the people around me. But this doesn’t mean relying entirely on them.


As we all know, my answer to the pageant night’s final question included acceptance of imperfections, breaking barriers and changing stereotypes. I want to spread these ideas to students in grade schools and high schools so they would hear such encouragements as early as possible.


I also want to share my story, how I am able to send my self and my brother to school, and how I managed to still win Hara despite my hectic schedule.


In short, I want to share why being independent is essential. I’ve already reached out to some individuals I know that has something to share, to help me convey the ideas successfully.


I am hoping to start this project within this month. Overall, I anticipate a fruitful year for me and the entire Foundation University community, a more fun and glamorous Kasadyaan Festival soon and hearts filled with willingness to participate in many activities that this school offers.

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