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Foundation University, My Pride

Foundation University, My Pride

by Christine Vilos


Why Foundation University? In a small city, Dumaguete, we can find 4 universities and other colleges that offer good and quality education. The question is, among all universities in Dumaguete, why did I chose to invest my money, time and effort to learn at FU?


Each and every student has their personal reasons. May it be an intrinsic reason that comes from within or by external reason which is affected by influence. As for me, my reasons are: FU has a beautiful environment, teachers give extra care and FU is unique in its own ways.


First, no doubt! FU is environment friendly. In fact, it had won many awards including The Most Sustainable and Eco-Friendly School by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Environmental Management Board. It is unquestionable because wherever you turn your eyes, you can see jaw-dropping views that would relax your mind and body and every time you click your cameras, you’ll surely capture places that are “instagrammable.” The school’s ambiance also inspires students and visitors to give more care for our environment.


Second, FU has this program called PUPA (Program for Uncompromising Personalized Attention) where students are given value and extra care. With this program, students have the privilege to have a consultation time with their teachers/advisers to discuss matters about their performances inside the classroom to be able to catch up and improve. It only proves that FU cares for our future and never wants anybody to feel down. FU wants us to become successful and reach the topmost part of our dreams.


Lastly, FU is uniquely known as the iPad university in Dumaguete and it follows that we are technologically advanced. Not just that! Students are also given the opportunity to avail the free Wi-Fi inside the campus that makes it easier to access social media and makes research faster which helps every student become more productive and competent.


FU itself is a total package. It is a school worthy of our investments. FU train students to become proficient in different fields by giving authentic and quality education. It doesn’t merely focus on what the mind can benefit, it also plant seeds of virtues in our hearts that builds our character. FU had already proven its effectivity by producing successful individuals. Indeed, FU was, is and will always be a channel of success.

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