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For The Love of Writing, Writing as Passion?

For The Love of Writing, Writing as Passion?

by Kate Daitano


I’d never thought before that writing is for me. Then, there came a point in my life when I can’t keep the surd feelings and thoughts inside of me anymore, so I wrote it down. From that day on, whenever I have something in mind and cannot put it into words, I always write it down. That became a habit and later on became a passion.


One thing that invigorates me to write is that, I am always enraptured to the beauty of books and short stories since I was a kid. I am inspired by the stories that appealed emotionally and things that I find very edifying. I venerate the authors, for their stories touched the hearts, for serving as an eye-opener and for allowing our imaginative minds to enter into another dimension.


Their enthusiasm motivated and challenged me to do the same thing. I was inspired to invest my time and exert a lot of effort in learning journalism. At that time, having dearth skills, I started little by little, joining workshops and trainings. I made my own ways in learning and acquiring those effective techniques to make my craft with authenticity satisfactorily.


There are struggles, definitely. But as for the love of writing, it surely won’t hinder me in pursuing it. The feeling of real fulfillment and joy can be felt after finishing my work that can possibly educate, inspire, and entertain the readers.


We all have roadblocks, and the biggest one is putting limits in our own potential. It is wrong to think that one has to have talent to become a writer. If you want it, pursue it. All of us have talents and skills to become a writer, but only self-knowledge and passion can make you a better and entertaining, blithesome version of the person you envision to be.

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