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Fine Arts Students Exhibit Promotes Social Awareness

Fine Arts Students Exhibit Promotes Social Awareness

With the aim to highlight artistry and to promote social awareness, the fine arts students of Foundation University unveiled to the academic community this year’s Sunod Sulog Exhibit last September 24 at the Social Garden.

Sunod Sulog is an annual art exhibition of fine arts students held inside the campus to create awareness among fellow students and the academic community regarding the existing social issues faced by today’s generation. Artworks included in the exhibit strongly demonstrate the right blend of artistry and depict messages regarding the pressing environmental and societal concerns.

The said exhibit enables the students not only to express their artistry and to comply with the requirements of the course but it also aims to contribute positively to the society as a whole. Thus, the activity has become a concrete expression of the University’s thrust in promoting environmental and social awareness.

Sunod Sulog is one of the many activities included in the series of events for the celebration of the College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Architecture and Fine Arts Week held from September 23 to 28.

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