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Empowering Students, Inculcating Accountability through Campus Journalism

Empowering Students, Inculcating Accountability through Campus Journalism


Foundation Time has been the official student publication of Foundation University. The publication’s maxim – “We Write to Inspire” clearly shows its objective of igniting the thoughts and emotions of the student body through news, features, entertainment and opinions to be produced regularly by its volunteer staff members.

Every month, students and the whole academic community will get updates through its website:

An added feature of this first monthly edition for Academic Year 2018 – 2019 is the Vox Populi – which is aimed at gathering students’ views on important issues inside the campus and in the wider community.

Also, through another additional section, Letter to the Editor – has the key objective of empowering students to express their opinions and concerns, more importantly on student body concerns, in a more responsible manner, directed to a specific department, college or unit in the University.

Foundation Time also welcomes contributions (journalistic articles) from alumni, faculty, staff and students in order to provide an avenue for expression in the academic community.

The online portal and the publication has always been there for Foundation University students. But this revitalization of the student publication is one of the means not only to empower and build the capabilities of budding campus journalists but this is mainly to inculcate responsibility among students in expressing their thoughts.

Through Foundation Time, they will be able to relay their concerns, in a more responsible manner, and will be sent to the concerned department or unit in the University. This will teach the students to be keen in expressing their thoughts, in a way, that it will not offend the concerned parties, as often done wrongly through social media accounts.

Campus Journalism provides an avenue for open dialogue in the most educated manner. This will not only benefit the institution but it will also teach the students about responsible journalism and accountability to their thoughts expressed in public, whether in print or in social media.

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