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Dealing with Breakups

Dealing with Breakups

by Christine Vilos BSED-English


For some reasons, we fall in love and it makes our world worthy to live. But when we are in the verge of breaking up with someone we love, we fall apart and hate almost everything around us. So here are some tips of dealing with breakups:


1. Know your worth
When we’re experiencing a serious breakup, we have to be shrewd and rule

over the situation. The moment we invested our love for someone it means that we are sharing our lives to a person and it is giving a piece of ourselves and once that piece is teared apart, emptiness takes place and when we are empty we tend to lose ourselves and our confidence. And with that, it is just but normal to feel worthless, exchangeable, and ugly. But we have to reflect and realize that we are God’s masterpiece. We are not the sole reason why things didn’t work in a relationship. That’s why it’s called a relationship in the first place because it is something between two individuals and not merely about ourselves. We have to bear in mind that we are worthy to be loved regardless of our flaws and imperfections. Once we are able to see our worth, it brings back our confidence and moving on becomes a piece of a cake because as song says, “learning to love youself, it is the greatest love of all.” and knowing your worth helps you love yourself.


2. Discover things about yourself
Sometimes, breakups are opportunities for us to discover ourselves. When we

are in a relationship, we share our time to someone by caring for them and by creating moments with them and we think we already have enough interests for ourselves and the moment the person walks away in our lives, we feel disabled and lacking. However, it is not a bad thing at all because it means that there is a room for us to obtain and discover something new for ourselves. You may start learning how to cook, indulge in sports with your friends, enjoy traveling and adventure with families, express how you feel and become productive in writing and a lot more things to do. In the end, it is about perspective and it is about being positive despite the situation. We have to rebuild ourselves in order for us to face a new beginning and replace our old routine with something new and interesting.


3. Learn from it
“Everything happens for a reason” they say and it is true to breakups. I

remember a friend who was crying while leaning on my shoulder. I told her that things happen in order for us to learn from it and she said, “why did it happen to me over and over again?” And I said, “it is because you haven’t learned from it yet”. Sometimes breakups can mold us to become mature and braver but we have to learn from our mistakes and never allow it to become an error.


In the end, breakups may be tragic and it is hard to let go someone whom we love and share our lives with. It is hard to move on when you’ve built so much memories and when you see such person as a foundation of becoming who you. But we should not depend our lives, our happiness and worth to that someone alone because things may not go the way we wanted it to be but it will never change our value.

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