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Countdown to FoundationU’s 70th Year

Countdown to FoundationU’s 70th Year

Foundation University is set to begin the celebration of its 70th Founding Anniversary by July 4 – to commemorate the day of its formal inauguration inauguration in 1949.

Founded by Dr. Vicente G. Sinco, a NegOrense whose passion revolved around academia and public service, the then Foundation College began as a school for those who are economically-underprivileged but mentally-capable individuals.

Dr. Sinco served as the Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Law and later on, was elected as the 8th President of the University of the Philippines. His achievement include being one the signatories of the United Nations Charter and he organized and served as the first commissioner of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Because Dr. Sinco’s friends from the Dumaguete business community at that time did not agree on the proposal of establishing a school without gaining monetary returns for their investment, the money – from his and wife, Sofia’s savings were utilized to rent two quarters located at Calle Alfonso St. (now Perdices St.) and thus began Foundation College.

From 1 graduate in 1950, 65 in 1951, 156 in 1952 and 176 in 1953, the institution is currently home to around 3,000 students from kindergarten to postgraduate studies.

In 1969, the institution was then granted the University status.

On its early days, Foundation University has always been a center of innovation for the sake of serving the wider populace. It began the trend of evening classes in the province and as well as the Saturday classes for teachers to improve on their craft.

For the Law School – the unit which was closest to the founder, Dr. Sinco developed a method of teaching for legal education in the country. His five years of formative legal development is a method that requires the student to take half of the study load for the whole semester.

As the countdown slowly nears to the 4th of July, it is but fitting to look back at those achievements in the past but it is also important to point focus on what Foundation University has become today.

For the past decade, Foundation University has become a center of learning suitable for the modern age with then use of iPads since the 4th grade in elementary. The iPad Program showed promise for it unleashed the best in each student that went through the said innovative mode of learning.

Foundation University is looked up to with the design and build projects in the Estudio Damgo under the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts. The project aims to bring to another level the design and build projects in the country and for the budding architects of today.

So much has been done by the University but only a few people recognize these innovations which are meant to effect change in the academic landscape in this part of the country. And as the countdown nears its end, it is but great to celebrate and know more of what Foundation University has become for the past 70 incredible years.

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