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BroadCom Revives Speak101

BroadCom Revives Speak101

The Broadcast Communication Program of Foundation University is set to relaunch Speak101 – a talk show established and produced by students in 2010, by Friday, August 2.


A canned episode will be shown via the monitors at the Kennel and at the Lobby of the main campus by 10AM and later it will be uploaded at the Greyhound Studios Facebook page by 6PM.


This revival of Speak101 points focus on the goal to inspire, motivate and inform young audiences from 15 to 25 years old using the stories of learning, transformation, resilience and perseverance of some respected individuals in the community.


In retrospect, the show was originally a program aired over Greyhound Radio on Saturdays and was later converted into a TV program aired every Wednesday at a local TV station here in the City of Dumaguete. With the emergence of the internet connectivity, the broadcast communication students then uploaded the episodes to the Youtube Channel.


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