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Author: Klein Emperado

“Kupti ko”

by Glivie Pacaldo Galakaw ko kuyog ka Kung kuyog ka, molakaw ko Bisan asa pa paingon Basta kamot mo kuptan ko Apan wa ko kadtu damha Ikaw ni buhi man Abi ko kuptan ko pirme Pero abi ra diay Tuig na ang nilabay Sa pagbuhi nimo naku Ug unta sa pagbuhi nimo Nibuhi na sad ko nimo Okay na ko! Wa na lagi! Tubag naku nila pirme Pero nganu man ni Ikaw lang gihapon pirme Hugot nga kupot niadto Pirmeng modomdom sa akong ulo Ambot unsaon ko man ni Nga ikaw karon may kakupot...

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The Brokenheart

by Kristine Vilos  I hate this roaring feeling inside of me Like it’s shouting we’re meant to be I’ve always dreamed of a happy ever after But my love, some things just don’t last forever   When I was with you I felt stronger But now it seems to be different like you’re a stranger When you left I became lifeless and weaker Day after day I feel alone and bitter   The right love in a wrong time is wrong The right time with the wrong love is still wrong When will things be all right? Where everything...

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The Truth Beyond Love

by: Niña Amato   Being in love is the most splendid feeling that a person could ever imagine. Having someone to share everything with, may it be in the happiest or in the saddest of moments, someone who can manage to understand everything about you, someone who doesn’t judge nor underestimate your choices.   It takes someone to understand how hard it is to live with life’s challenges and imperfections and love is the only thing that made things fall into the right place.   The beginning of true love, the falling in love part that gives us this...

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Dealing with Breakups

by Christine Vilos BSED-English   For some reasons, we fall in love and it makes our world worthy to live. But when we are in the verge of breaking up with someone we love, we fall apart and hate almost everything around us. So here are some tips of dealing with breakups:   1. Know your worth When we’re experiencing a serious breakup, we have to be shrewd and rule over the situation. The moment we invested our love for someone it means that we are sharing our lives to a person and it is giving a piece of...

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FoundationU Recognizes Student Achievers

More than two hundred students were given academic and co-curricular awards during the Annual University Recognition held last February 11 at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.   Words of inspiration was delivered by alumnus, J0-Dann Darong, a commerce graduate who is now working under the Department of Finance, based in Manila.   Below is the list of students with their corresponding awards:   PRESIDENT’S HONOR AWARD College of Business Administration Eiichi P. Ezaki BS Entrepreneurship I   Gabriel A. Solana BSBA-FM I RV R. Veñales BSACCY College of Education Kenny Jane L. Facturan BEED IV Farah I. Custodio BEED...

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