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Author: Klein Emperado

A Year after Leaving FU’s Pillars

by Ivan Christopher Cordevilla, BS Biology, 2018 The moment you thought you were prepared to face the world but the world made you think again. The excitement of finally marching down the FU Green for the graduation rites is one of the greatest memories I would treasure forever, as it caps my journey inside the pillars of Foundation University but the succeeding events after that definitely challenged my inner being as a greyhound. When I was backtracking what had happened in the one year that I have been out of the four walls of FoundationU’s Academic realm, all I...

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Foundation University, My Pride

by Christine Vilos   Why Foundation University? In a small city, Dumaguete, we can find 4 universities and other colleges that offer good and quality education. The question is, among all universities in Dumaguete, why did I chose to invest my money, time and effort to learn at FU?   Each and every student has their personal reasons. May it be an intrinsic reason that comes from within or by external reason which is affected by influence. As for me, my reasons are: FU has a beautiful environment, teachers give extra care and FU is unique in its own...

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My AYLC Experience

by Jan Shaira Malicay Amidst the period of waiting for the results of the interview, I was always on edge. Each day was a mix of thrill, horror and a bit of excitement. It was like waiting for my final judgment. Then, on the 14th of December, 2018, before my classes started, I checked my email and screamed silently as I read the much-awaited email from the Secretariat of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC).   Out of more than a hundred interviewees, I was blessed by the heavens to represent Foundation University as one of the final 80...

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FUSG Launches ‘Gugma’

In order to provide a venue to express love through Art, Dance and Spoken Poetry, Foundation University Student Government organized a literary contest to highlight the love month celebration last February 13 at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall.   “Gugma” (love in the Cebuano dialect) was comprised of competitions in Balak and Balitaw which encouraged the use of the dialect to express their thoughts and feelings of love. Also a modern dance competition followed during that afternoon.   The following individuals and groups from the different colleges won the said competitions:   Balitaw 1st Place – College of Arts...

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“Kupti ko”

by Glivie Pacaldo Galakaw ko kuyog ka Kung kuyog ka, molakaw ko Bisan asa pa paingon Basta kamot mo kuptan ko Apan wa ko kadtu damha Ikaw ni buhi man Abi ko kuptan ko pirme Pero abi ra diay Tuig na ang nilabay Sa pagbuhi nimo naku Ug unta sa pagbuhi nimo Nibuhi na sad ko nimo Okay na ko! Wa na lagi! Tubag naku nila pirme Pero nganu man ni Ikaw lang gihapon pirme Hugot nga kupot niadto Pirmeng modomdom sa akong ulo Ambot unsaon ko man ni Nga ikaw karon may kakupot...

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