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Almost Graduation

Almost Graduation

by Jeongin Choi (“Lucy”)


Since 2011, I studied in the Philippines and now I am faced with the reality that I now only have one subject left to graduate. I never expected that I would be studying and spending my life in the Philippines, especially at Foundation University.


Even though FU wasn’t my first choice, I will never regret any single moment spent in this University. I learned and gained varied experiences for the last four years in my life here at FU.


Last December, I still can’t believe that I would soon be graduating from college. But I can never be stopped because I still was able to join the activities despite the fact that I was having a fever during the Kasadyaan Festival and Christmas vacation.


Going back to Kasadyaan, I was helping in crafting the props unlike the other time when I joined the Hara sa FU pageant and at the same time, was active with organizing the FU Student Government events. In fact, it was my first time to make the props and I realized that making props is never an easy thing as it entailed us to even to stay overnight at school to finish the job.


I came to a realization that without the efforts of those who work behind the scenes, every Kasaydyaan wouldn’t be successfully accomplished.


My Last Kasadyaan at FU taught me the importance of being a supporter. It was also an opportune time for me to gain strong bonds with my fellow students from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Architecture and Fine Arts.


However, January felt so different. It made me realize that it’s almost graduation time as Foundation University conducted different activities for graduating students such as: Job Entry Skills, Mock Interviews, Career Attitude Talk and the Job Fair.


Joining these activities served as an awakening moment for me to prepare for the next stage of my life. I am excited that I am finally concluding my undergraduate degree, but, on the other hand, I am quite afraid.


I believe most graduating students feel the same way that I also experience—unsure future, unsure destination, unsure life, these thoughts tend to frighten me.


Like what happened during my high school and college years, I saw myself jumping from one school to another and finally settled here at FU, I might quit many job opportunities before I settle at a certain company.


Most of us graduating students might feel unsettled, unsure and undecided; and it is normal to feel that way because all of us are in the same situation. But after all there is one sure fact, graduation isn’t the end. It is alright to rest for a while before moving forward. The important virtue that we must be able to learn from this is that we should not lose who we are and that we continue to trust our personal capabilities.

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