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AI Advocate Shares Inspiration at FU Academic Opening

AI Advocate Shares Inspiration at FU Academic Opening
“This University opened the doors for you to be globally-competitive,” said Dennis Franco M. Layug, CEO/President of the East West Specialists, guest speaker during the Academic Opening held today, July 2 at the Sofia Soller Sinco Hall. This convocation formally opens the 70th year of Foundation University as an academic institution of higher learning founded in the ideals of esteemed academician and public servant, Dr. Vicente G. Sinco.
Entitled “Education Transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution,” Layug shared about the emergence and utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in most industries across the world.
Layug pointed out to students that industries are looking for skills that are fit for the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR). These skills not only require the use of AI but also the knowledge on developing new AI applications – a new feature to be included in the programs of the University.
“Foundation University is the first and only University in Dumaguete to be 4th IR-ready. This is the only University that could enable you to possess skills for the 4th IR,” added Layug to describe the exciting life that awaits students at the institution.
To further inspire the students, Layug shared his personal experience from failure to success. For him, choosing the right path and the right attitude would lead to success. The guest speaker also mentioned about less complaining and urged the audience, instead, to count their blessings.
Lastly, Layug assured the students that Foundation University will make them internationally and globally-recognized with the certifications, skills and competencies along with the training under topnotch faculty, deans and administrators whose goal is to instill on the learners essential life skills and on how to become a better person.
“At Foundation University, it’s not all about studies. It’s about finding purpose,” said University Chancellor Faisal M. Alih as he welcomed the students to the institution during the said Academic Opening.
In 1994, former FU President Leandro G. Sinco began to introduce another innovation – the Academic Opening exercises. This is a formal ceremony, first in the province and in the region, where the University administration and faculty welcome the freshmen students in a convocation. Then, the class expectation about the student life and campus experience is delivered by a freshman student, taken usually from the honor list. (pg. 133, Handuraw, First Fifty Years of Foundation University)

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