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Accepting Imperfections: the Road to Self-Empowerment

Accepting Imperfections: the Road to Self-Empowerment

Upon the delivery of an impressive answer during the final round, some may wonder the story behind what Hara sa FU 2019 Jelly Candia talked about specifically when she pointed out imperfections and the like.

Not known to many, except her immediate circles, Jelly has scoliosis – a condition that “causes an abnormal curve of the spine, or backbone.” This has been with her since birth and partly, it has affected her self-confidence.

But scoliosis has not hindered Jelly to take a leap of hope at life and rise up beyond her imperfections and flaws, for her family.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communication, she juggles it with work at a local business process outsourcing company in order to sustain the financial needs for her own and for her family. Jelly had to do work and school at the same time when she decided to give her mother some time to rest due to mild stroke. Part of her goals is to finish her studies so that she can continue to support her younger sibling towards acquiring a degree in college.

Her condition might have curved her backbone but her positive persona has made her stand upright and rise beyond imperfections due to the support of the people around her.

In fact while preparing for the pageant, Jelly felt inspired to give her best due to the overwhelming support given by the College of Arts and Sciences through its faculty and staff who tirelessly gave efforts to make her costumes and props.

After accepting her imperfections, Jelly’s motivation to rise up with life’s ordeals was the inspiration from family, friends and school and it certainly caused a ripple within her being.

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

Jelly personally shared about the efforts from her teachers which boosted her confidence and made her gain added motivation to do her best during the pageant.

Contrary to what she said during the pageant that she would wait until people can accept her imperfections, her CAS family did not actually wait but offered her freely the gift of acceptance since the day they decided to pick her as representative for the pageant. Such a heartwarming gesture that Jelly brought with her up on stage. The mere fact when a group of people have placed their trust and confidence to someone who considers herself as inferior and imperfect, made the difference.

As she faced a turning point on that pageant night, Jelly then looks forward to her year of reign as Hara sa 2019 as she is filled with motivation and inspiration to share her story.

For her, telling her story may inspire and motivate others to also step up and rise from their imperfections. She looks forward to collaborating on projects for the Banica River and with the school campaigns wherein she would love to talk about how campus endeavors at Foundation University that totally changed her outlook towards life.

True to the mythical bird she represents, Jelly embodied the phoenix – fierce but carefree at life’s challenges.

Hara sa FU, for Jelly, came indeed as an avenue for self-transformation and her journey towards personal development has just began.

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