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A Year after Leaving FU’s Pillars

A Year after Leaving FU’s Pillars

by Ivan Christopher Cordevilla, BS Biology, 2018

The moment you thought you were prepared to face the world but the world made you think again.

The excitement of finally marching down the FU Green for the graduation rites is one of the greatest memories I would treasure forever, as it caps my journey inside the pillars of Foundation University but the succeeding events after that definitely challenged my inner being as a greyhound. When I was backtracking what had happened in the one year that I have been out of the four walls of FoundationU’s Academic realm, all I can say is that “How did I do that?”.

It’s generally normal for all graduating students to have their own target timeline after graduation, like by this month I would be reviewing for my board exam, or I will be firing up my resume for job applications on this month, or even a goal to finally have a job, not necessarily your dream job, that can be a source of income to provide for your personal needs. Of course I also had a timeline of my own but time and circumstance flipped it like I was involved in a mayhem. I actually was hoping to earn a spot in the workforce right after graduation but SURPRISE! I didn’t receive any offers. So I applied for a teaching position at a university in my hometown and I got accepted but before that good news even arrived I actually had to wait for more than a month with anxiety inside my head thinking that I didn’t make the cut.

Fast forward after 10 months of teaching in a state university I had a handful of realizations. First is, have a plan but learn to be flexible and adapt to change. Sometimes the circumstance and timing you are placed would derail you of your original plans but it doesn’t mean you are not going to achieve your goals anymore. Remember a racer and his car can never win a race without having pit stops. The situations that you thought that are impeding yourself from realizing your dreams are actually just another hurdle you need to get over or should I say another learning process someone needs to go through to overcome the predicaments that might faced in the future.

Second, if the circumstances and time pushed you in unfamiliar waters, then make the most out of it and widen your skillset. I was not trained to be a teacher and I definitely had no training prior to my teaching job. The situation forced me to learn the basic principles of teaching and I was very thankful for that. Because today, not only I can effectively deliver the competencies in the courses I teach but I also became a more effective environmental advocate by applying my knowledge in the teaching-learning process to the community work that I do especially in proper waste management and mangrove protection.

When one is placed in an environment they are unaccustomed to, one would either give up and breakdown or rise up and succeed. If you are faced in this certain situation being placed in new territories just be willing to listen and learn, and never be afraid to make mistakes because these mistakes can be your measure of improvement and self-development. We need to take into consideration that for a person to be called an expert that person definitely had to undergo a lot of No’s and Oh No’s!

Third, always remember that we all have our own timelines. Each one of us has a destined time table to follow and each one has its own peculiarity anchored with it. In facing the “After College Pressure” all we need to do is to calmly panic. Come to think of it some of the greatest tycoons in the world got their dream job at an early age and some had to wait to reach 50 to even build a company that would make them billionaires. Pressuring yourself to achieve so much is not bad at all but being too hard on yourself is not a good thing either. The ability to get up when you were gunned down by any situation is a must have skill that we need to acquire as early as we can because it’s definitely handy to have in your life.

In leaving my alma mater, we face different circumstances be it for you or against you but be always be reminded that a Foundationite always upholds the pursuit in instilling to himself excellence of mind, body and character and his quest will always be for freedom and truth.

Entering and going through the pillars of Foundation University makes you a Foundationite but venturing out of its pillars of Foundation University will test your authenticity as a Foundationite.

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